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Along with the process of digitizing, the processing, storage and transmission of data has been rapid development. The demand for high bandwidth makes the short-range Interconnect became a systems development bottleneck. Affected by factors such as loss and crosstalk, the transmission distance of the electrical interconnection, based on the copper cable, has been limited in the case of high bandwidth, the costs rise also. Compared with the electrical interconnection, the optical interconnection based on the multi-mode fiber has the features of high-bandwidth, low-loss, no-crosstalk and anti-electromagnetic interference. It has been widely used in the high-speed interconnect of between the cabinets and boards. The parallel optical modules parallel transmit through a plurality of optical fibers. It can be achieved long distances transmission in the high bit rate.



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Add:A508,Pully building,No 20,the 1st part of south of the 1st ring road,Chengdu,China TEl:86-28-85572953