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Orphan Girl Headframe

Last week I shared about my journey from writer to million dollar art packager at the World Museum of Mining. We finished the art and John, the owner of Headframe Spirits, asked one of our supervisors if we could go up the Orphan Girl Headframe. She paused, looked around skeptically and said, “We’re going to […]

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Museum Work

Here’s a long overdue story from last spring I’ve been meaning to share. In March, I interviewed John and Courtney McKee, owners of Headframe Spirits, for an article in Mountain Outlaw. I had two unique experiences while spending the day with them. During my interview with John he was recounting all the people in the […]

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Black Feather Cocktail

Oh, that my home bar were so big that it had it’s own name. This is true of Robert Hess, one of my favorite bartenders. Not the typical bartender, he plies his craft not in a restaurant or bar but on the internet. A Microsoft employee by day, Robert teaches his cocktail craft through his […]

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New Liquor Shelf

This past week our good friend Jens put his superb woodworking skills to good use and built us a liquor shelf. Our previous cabinet could only fit about 3/4 of our selection. The shelf is awesome because it has 2 rows for wine on the bottom with 3 shelves for spirits. The spirits can stack […]

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Published in Mountain Outlaw Magazine

Some good news on the publishing front. I recently had two articles published in the summer issue of Mountain Outlaw Magazine. They’re based out of Bozeman and in partnership with Big Sky Weekly, who previously published one of my stories. These two assignments were a blast to work on. The first, One Track Mind, is […]

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Spring Break Photos and Cru Blog

I posted last week about how I was going on a road trip spring break with Cru at UW, documenting their journey along the way.  I’m in Minot, ND and we have three days left on the trip.  I thought I would be able to write here on my own blog but editing/posting photos and […]

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I’m going on Spring Break

I’m 30 years old and I’m going on spring break. I’m pretty excited. Cru at UW has invited me to document their trip as they take twenty college students to rebuild flood damage in Minot, North Dakota.  Here’s part of an intro to the trip I wrote for their website: On June 22, 2011 sirens […]

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Baptism Photos

Yesterday was a big day at my church.  Jeff Bethke read his new poem Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales.   His video “Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus” saw over 18 million views in a month.  A photographer from Time Magazine was taking pictures of him during the first service.  There was also 17 people […]

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Barrel Aged Cocktails

This week I’ve been reading a little about barrel aged cocktails.  That’s cocktails  you mix and  put in a barrel for a desired amount of time.  The results vary, obviously, but some are saying you can get a lot more depth and character. From what I’ve read, a bartender in Portland named Jeffrey Morgenthaler helped […]

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Montana Roadside Attractions

I was astonished to discover on a recent road trip that my friend Bryon had never been to the Rock Creek Lodge.  Home to the famous Rock Creek Testicle Festival, the bar/restaurant/gift shop in rural Montana is a treasure trove of weird and sometimes inappropriate gifts.  In college, I frequently stopped to purchase a magnate […]

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