Yellowstone National Park–July

I know this is a little late but what can you do?  After skiing the Beartooth Highway in July, Tanner and I dropped down the south side of the pass and headed toward Yellowstone.  This is my favorite way to enter the Park because there aren’t as many people and you’ve a better chance of seeing a wolf in Lamar Valley, since they were reintroduced in 1995.  We didn’t see a wolf this trip but before hitting the Tower-Roosevelt junction we did see a black bear.  Tanner saw the bear first and here’s the conversation that ensued.

“There’s a bear.” Tanner says, pointing to the side of the road.


“Right there.” Pointing at the same spot.


“Right there.” Still pointing.


“It’s right there!” Still pointing and now shaking his finger.

And as it turns out the bear was “right there.”  I just didn’t see him.  He walked across the road and headed down a hill.  At the time there were only seven cars (including ours) so we drove up twenty yards, pulled the car over, and grabbed our cameras.  Within five minutes there were over a hundred people and the bear disappeared down the valley.  Whether or not you see animals, a drive through Yellowstone is always a good way to end a ski day.

The first two pictures are bison in Lamar Valley.  The first bear picture is a little hazy because it was shot through my window as I was trying to put the car in park and not scare him.  And the last picture is right before the bear headed down into the valley.


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